Personal Playbooks

Personal Playbooks© and the P.L.A.Y. Principles ("Play, Limitless, Action, You") are about unleashing your infinite possibilities and unlimited potential.

YOU have a unique gift to bring to the world and once that talent, skill or ability is uncovered and owned, you are reignited from the inside out. Being human never eliminates fears and limiting beliefs arising. Although you can be momentarily inspired by plenty of experts, Personal Playbooks supports YOU in becoming your very own expert in self-mastery.

The Personal Playbooks V.I.B.E. System™ (Visualize, Intend, Believe, Experience) assists members to uncover infinite possibilities for living life while letting go of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

One-on-one Coaching and Mastermind Groups allows members to be guided through a personal and professional process that includes: Rating and Charting your Daily Experiences, Creating Action Plans, Designing Visions & Dreams into Vision Boards, Journaling and a comprehensive Training Library.