A Male Perspective, Part 2

As follow-on to A Male Perspective, Part 1, I realize a “deeper dive” into my journey of personal development and the challenges I’ve faced along the way would be helpful to share. Being a lifetime member of the continual personal development club, one universal theme of transformation that I’ve heard and faced countless times is […]

A Male Perspective, Part 1

As a man, one of the most challenging hurdles I’ve encountered is in being “vulnerable” in my love relationships. Yes I’ve had my moments of vulnerability, but my relationship with Dana has proven time and again that earning my graduate degree was by far easier to achieve. I love the quote, “In Life, you either […]

My First Post…

For my first post, I thought sharing my Mission, Vision and My Why is a great start in getting to know me! Mission Statement I am… a Connector of Relationships that Ignite Passion, Purpose and Possibility. Vision Statement I AM… committed to living in complete authenticity, honesty and integrity. I am fully self-expressed and my […]