Life's Simple Rule - Play your game.

"There is only one success... to be able to spend life in your own way."

Christopher Morley

P.L.A.Y. Principles©

The Tools and Resources for Success


Identifying Your Passion and Bringing Your Greatest Skills & Gifts to the World!


Cultivating Your Infinite Possibilities!


Creating Momentum to Reach and Exceed Your Dreams!


It’s about You and It’s Up to You! Be anyone and do anything!

This Is What We Are All About
To P.L.A.Y. and V.I.B.E.

Personal Playbooks© and the P.L.A.Y. and V.I.B.E. Principles are about unleashing the infinite possibilities and unlimited potential in you.

YOU have a unique gift to bring to the world and once that talent, skill or ability is uncovered and owned, you are reignited from the inside out. Being human never eliminates fears and limiting beliefs arising. Although you can be momentarily inspired by plenty of experts, Personal Playbooks supports You in becoming your very own expert in self-mastery.

The Personal Playbooks V.I.B.E. System™ (Visualize, Intend, Believe, Experience) assists members to uncover infinite possibilities for living life while letting go of limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. The online and mobile suite of tools allows users to be guided through a personal and professional process that includes: Rating and Charting your Daily Experiences, Creating Action Plans, Designing Visions & Dreams, Vision Board Collaging, Journaling and a comprehensive Sales Training Library.

Personal Playbooks© is about instilling the belief in YOU - that you are important and talented and that you really can do anything - and we want you to feel it and own it, not just because we are telling you, but because you’ve probably heard it many times…’s the way we say it now, this time – that it hits home and becomes your new inner voice that leads you to take action to impact your future and even our world. It’s listening to that special author, speaker or coach and then feeling like you can go conquer the world RIGHT NOW - without fear or exception.

Personal Playbooks© is about inspired action. We are the secret sauce that changes the way education and training is currently designed, so it fits YOU, not so you fit in… so that every day you awake with passion, purpose and the desire to live full out.

We are Personal Playbooks…
THE Evolution in living an inspired life!

We provide the space for you to create what you want your life to look like.
Then we provide the tools you will need to manifest that into reality.

These Coaches Guide You Through Your Journey to Success

Harry Singer

Expert motivational trainer bringing inspiration and entrepreneurial guidance to marketers, sales people and business executives.

Dian Daniel

Serial entrepreneur with an expertise in business development, marketing and management.

Martin Kupper

Connector of relationships that ignite passion, purpose, and possibility.

Marc Bureau

Successful chiropractor, entrepreneur, tv host and author committed to making a difference in peoples lives.
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